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my dad and grandpa just came back from their Florida trip and look what they brought me


ur not a true beatles fan if you can’t sing along to every single song they released, whistle/hum along to any guitar/bass riffs and other instrumental bits, in addition to telling me who wrote the song, who sings main, back-up and chorus vocals, and also telling me any hidden meaning in a song along with the original inspiration for it, plus when it was written and when it was released


now that I have an ukulele I was finally able to do something I’ve been wanting to do for years: play the version of Something that Macca plays at concerts

starts off with some simple ukulele strumming, and after the solo switches to a semi-acoustic and finishes the song in style

and at long last I was able to do it and it felt even more fucking awesome that I thought it would


I was looking up some chords and I saw this awful transcription of Only A Northern Song and someone in the comments wrote “Actually, I do think the chords are going wrong”

Yesterday I got a haircut. And as always happens right after I cut my hair, I felt pretty bad about it, thought it was horrible.

However, earlier today my aunt told me I looked like George Harrison.

Now it’s the best haircut of my life.

Since it’s one week to my birthday, I think I’ll post what is to date the coolest birthday gift I’ve ever received from someone else.

Since it’s one week to my birthday, I think I’ll post what is to date the coolest birthday gift I’ve ever received from someone else.

so my little brother got into trouble in school again
and once again I can’t help but admire him for it

he goes to a Christian school, you see, and his music teacher happens to think The Beatles are satanic. My brother, although he listen to a lot of music I dislike, does like The Beatles, and he disapproved of the way every couple of classes the teacher talked badly about them.

Anyways, he and a friend of his, for two or three weeks, began to quietly hum or whistle Beatles songs whenever they were close to the teacher. Never loud enough for someone else to hear, but at a level that the music teacher heard for sure. It drove the guy insane, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

He eventually went to the principal and complained about ‘harassment’. Although my brother didn’t get detention, he did get called to the principal’s office and was warned by her that the next time she got a complaint from that teacher, she’d call my parents.

I am so proud of him.

I can’t listen to Here Today without crying.
I think what really gets to me is the way Paul’s voice breaks in the middle of the song. Makes me wanna just give him a hug.

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Things I Find Highly Attractive:

sure, go ahead and laugh and go ‘oh haha hipster glasses lol’

but I’ve loved how they look for years

I think it all started when I was 13 and I was reading some book or other about the Beatles and it quoted John talking about how Paul used to wear ‘granny glasses’ and it had a picture attached and just look for yourself:

how could anyone not fall in love with those spectacles?

I was listening to Happiness is a Warm Gun in Digital Editing class and the professor just started singing along to it.

The best thing about studying Graphic Design may be how awesome the professors are.


Stuff like this is why Animaniacs (and by extension, Pinky and the Brain) will always be my favourite cartoon.

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A Hard Day’s Night 2: The Rise of Godzilla

A Hard Day’s Night 2: The Rise of Godzilla

"This ukulele was given to me by my friend George.

Anyway, one of the things people don’t know about George is that he was a really good ukulele player and uh, he could play all that sort of -strums happy song-

and I played a little bit but he was, like Supreme-o, you know. Anyway, I rode to his house one day and I said “do you know, I’ve been messing around on the ukulele” and I played him this song that you’re going to hear now.

I’m not sure he was very impressed… *shrugs* I thought it was okay.

Paul McCartney speaking before he started playing Something on the uke

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