❝Early in the year I had called Hugh up excitedly. ‘I’ve just bought a Macintosh. Cost me a thousand pounds.’ ‘What?’ Hugh enjoyed about a week of relaying the news of my fantastic expenditure on something as absurd and unworthy of outlay as a raincoat before he discovered that this Macintosh was a new type of computer.❞

The Fry Chronicles (p. 294), Stephen Fry

I can clearly imagine Hugh’s goofy smile and his adorably silly voice going about excitedly telling others Stephen had gone and spent a thousand pounds on a raincoat.

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I dare say we do live in a cheap age, an age where the things that should have value are little prized and things that are empty of worth are too highly rated. But who on earth could think for a second that this is new to our race? Anyone familiar with Aristophanes, Martial, Catullus, Shakespeare, Jonson, Dryden, Johnson, Pope, Swift … You get the point.

It has always been the case, since humans could first record their thoughts, that the ‘wrong people’ have been seen to have arrived at the highest positions.

The emperors, kings, aristocrats, ruling classes and gentry, the arrivistes, parvenus and nouveaux riches, the financiers, merchant princes and industrialists, the artists, designers, literati and cultural elite, the actors, sportsmen, television stars, pop singers and presenters, they have all been unfairly elevated to positions they do not deserve.

'In a just and properly ordered world,' the angry ones wail, 'I should be up there too, but I am too proud to say so, so I shall carp and snipe and rant with indignation and show my contempt for the whole boiling. But deep inside I want to be recognized. I just want to count.'

The Fry Chronicles (p. 246), Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry on a society based on celebrities and wanting to be celebrities

Please have a nonsensical (but still highly seductive) captioned image.

Please have a nonsensical (but still highly seductive) captioned image.

Stephen’s reaction to the song:

Molly Lewis is my spirit animal
(Video links [here] and [here])

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I feel like my whole life consists of trying to determine whether Stephen Fry or Hugh Laurie is the most amazing person ever.

My opinion on that changes rather a lot.

At the moment it’s Hugh because I’ve been listening to Let Them Talk lots and lots but I know it could be back to Stephen next week.

Which is good.

I think the day I finally figure it out my life will hold no purpose any more.

I still can’t believe they didn’t include Bushwallyta in the Olympics…

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Lord Fry is a very serious man.

Lord Fry is a very serious man.

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Actual best song ever


❝So, foraging through the headmaster’s desk one afternoon I had happened upon a list which called itself Eleven Plus results, listing Intelligence Quotient Results or some such guff. I noticed it because my name was at the top with an asterisk typed next to it and the words ‘Approaching genius’ added in brackets.
Gromie, the headmaster had underlined it in his blue-black ink and scrawled, ‘Well that bloody explains everything…’❞

Stephen FryMoab is my Washpot

We look at him now and think of how great he is, but can you imagine how terrifying it must have been to be a teacher of Stephen’s?

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Stephen Fry’s Little Cracker: Bunce

If you’ve ever read Moab is my Washpot, you’ll recognise this story. It is about the time Stephen Fry stole sweets from the Headmaster’s office without him noticing.

In an amusing twist, Stephen actually plays the part of the Headmaster.

It’s well-written, amusing, and an interest complement to the narration from the book.

Why couldn’t Stephen Fry have been a teacher of mine?

Why couldn’t Stephen Fry have been a teacher of mine?




Stephen Fry.

Stephen Fry.

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