Hugh Laurie — Kiss of Fire

Oh god. Oh god. Oh gooood. This album’s even better than I expected.

oh my

oh my

Hugh Laurie - Unchain My Heart (from Ocean Way Studios) [x]

Can I just say… I wanna marry the fuck out of this man

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❝Early in the year I had called Hugh up excitedly. ‘I’ve just bought a Macintosh. Cost me a thousand pounds.’ ‘What?’ Hugh enjoyed about a week of relaying the news of my fantastic expenditure on something as absurd and unworthy of outlay as a raincoat before he discovered that this Macintosh was a new type of computer.❞

The Fry Chronicles (p. 294), Stephen Fry

I can clearly imagine Hugh’s goofy smile and his adorably silly voice going about excitedly telling others Stephen had gone and spent a thousand pounds on a raincoat.

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Paul Eddington, A Bit of Fry & Laurie, and timing (x)

the other day on the bus, I had my iPod on shuffle and I’m in Love With Steffi Graf came on. So me being me, I stuck my head out the window singing along, making the same facial expressions as Hugh Laurie.

which basically, are all like this throughout the song:

image  image

I got the most awkward and hilarious stares from people on the street, it was the best thing ever

so earlier today I was photoshopping Hugh Laurie’s head onto a pizza because life is too short not to photoshop Hugh Laurie’s head onto a pizza and my mum walked into my room and she sort of just

looked at my screen


and then back to me

and then she just turned around and hasn’t said a word to me since

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You know who would make a great Moriarty on Elementary?

Hugh Laurie.

a great ANYthing on ANYthing? are you sure about that?


oh my god you’re right

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oh, don’t listen to mean old Jeeves, Bertie, I thought the song was great (x)

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there’s nothing as wonderful as Bertie’s songs on Jeeves and Wooster

(apart from Jeeves’ snide comments about said songs)


Now, I’m not a fan of metal of any variety. I just find it a bit too heavy for my tastes, if you know what I mean. 

However, I just found this band, called the Bishop and the Warlord, and they’re absolutely fantastic! Really the greatest metal I’ve ever heard comes from this duo. 

Have a listen for yourselves!

I feel like my whole life consists of trying to determine whether Stephen Fry or Hugh Laurie is the most amazing person ever.

My opinion on that changes rather a lot.

At the moment it’s Hugh because I’ve been listening to Let Them Talk lots and lots but I know it could be back to Stephen next week.

Which is good.

I think the day I finally figure it out my life will hold no purpose any more.

I still can’t believe they didn’t include Bushwallyta in the Olympics…

(gifset commissioned by the fantastic attaboy76

Now that House is over, Hugh should totally host a series of talk shows as Tony Inchpractice.


” ‘Cause I’m a good-ass mother liker!”

You can listen to the full ‘Polite Rap’ here.

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